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10 recommended gift ideas for every traveler you must know (Local or Global)

Recently someone asked me that: “his brother is an avid traveler, and she wants to gift something useful to him”. I gave some suggestions like “Headphones, backpack, Home theatre, gift cards etc.” but then I thought that these ideas are too mainstream and we kind of give it to every one irrespective of their interests.

While we are working towards hobby-based gifting like for an instance I gifted a person whom I know has an interest in arts: a set of drawing board, paints and an I-pad pencil for digital sketches.

I am pretty sure he must have appreciated my effort over someone who may have gifted him a high-end Bluetooth speaker irrespective of the difference in prices of the gift!!

And while there are lot of options for other hobbies and interests but travel and backpacking is left out one when it comes to such interest based gifts and trust me, this interest is a high growing one and you will be definitely be stressing out over what to get to your globetrotter buddies!!

So, I have actually done the tough part for you and researched top 10 gift ideas which I have also felt the need of while travelling in India and abroad and suits for every type of traveler. Do share it with your friends if you like it!!

So here we go (Do click on the link or the image to directly browse the travel accesory):

1. A Silk eye mask and a travel pillow

Literally everyone knows how useful they are, but still most of us don’t have it because it is not something they would like to buy on your own. There’s no shortage of styles of but a silk eye mask and an around the neck travel pillow is the best.

Link to buy: Travel accessory (Cost Around Rs 1000)

2. Water bottle with built-in filter for hydration on the go

The one thing we should be wary about while travelling is clean drinking water. so bringing your own water bottle with a built-in filter helps keep you from getting sick.

The one from Lifestraw has in built filter and extremely easy to carry.

Link to buy: Water Bottle (Cost Around Rs 2000)

3. Passport Cover:

It should be a must for every individual travelling outside of the country. You can gift a customized one with probably a name and color that matches the rest of their luggage or pick one that stands out so it’s easy to find in a flash when going through immigration at the airport.

Link to buy: Passport Cover (Cost around Rs 500)

4. Luggage tag:

This is something that is a must for everyone irrespective of whether they are travelling for work or vacation. I have literally seen hundreds of same bags at the places. It is valid even for the backpacks as well (people have the same Decathlon ones on a trip).

While the Apple tag is not very prominent and expensive as well in India currently. But If you are a gifting to a frequent traveler, then it is a must buy!

Link to buy: Luggage tag (Cost around Rs 300)

5. A framed map to remind them of a place they love

Looking forward to the next trip is great, but so is remembering the adventures you’ve already had. They can also be beautiful and inspirational pieces to add travel flair to your home décor. You can find stylized maps of nearly any region, country, or city.

Link to buy: framed map (Costs around 500 Rs)

6. Travel books (Ditching the fiction and non-fiction one)

Travelers who are also readers can get lost in another world reading stories set in a place they’ve already been to and love or about a place that’s next on their wish list. Browse the virtual aisles of Amazon book section for fiction and non-fiction (used and new copies) to find the perfect story—or pick up a guidebook for wherever your friends are headed next. An amazing recommendation is the “The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World (Lonely Planet)”

Link to Browse: Travel books (Costs around 1000 rs)

7. Portable Charger

We all know how much we rely on our phones these days, and that’s true when we’re traveling, too. From entertainment to navigation, our phones get a lot of use—and charging options aren’t always plentiful.

After research, I have found one which is amazing and budget-friendly! I've gone through a million portable chargers and this is my favorite so far. Great charging power, fits easily in a bag/purse and has built-in charging cords (super handy if you're like me and always forget one).

Link to buy: Portable charger (Costs around 5000 Rs)

8. Travel Tripod

It has become a must sought product while going on a trip. Though there are multiple options in the market and almost have a selfie stick these days, but having a stable good quality tripod can make you lot less worry about the safety of your phone and the camera.

I literally have more than 10 tripods, but the one recommended has been the best among those till now in this price range.

Link to Buy: Travel Tripod (Costs around 1200 Rs)

9. Door Stop alarm:

This has been a unique gift which has been popular in the recent times though it is almost a must buy for every girl travelling alone in outside countries. This is an upgrade door stop than others. It is more durable than others with better quality. Best part is that it is portable and easy way to add piece of mind when traveling or working alone.

Link to Buy: Door stop alarm (Costs around 500 Rs)

10. Portable Bluetooth speaker:

They are the best travel companion and a must one while going for a vacation irrespective of the company and duration. Sharing across, the gift ideas for 3 different types basis your budget.

Link to buy : Small Sony speakers (Cost: 3000 Rs) || JBL Flip 5 (Cost 7000 Rs) || Bose Portable Speakers (Cost: 12000 Rs)

Do let me know if it helped you in any way and also if you have other thoughts as well. You can reach out to me at or DM me at Instagram @peakandtroughs

Keep Gifting, Keep Travelling!

Robin Gupta

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