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Recommended offbeat places to visit in India post Covid Lockdown

By Robin Gupta,

Like me, my Fellow travel lovers also might not (and should not!) be travelling right now but what you can do is dream about all the places that you will visit once this is over..

When it comes to travellers, New Delhi, Mumbai, Calangute (Goa), Jaipur and Bengaluru were the top five destinations in India in 2019, but the scenario will completely change going forward in the coming year with preferring more offbeat and less crowded places. For more info on such thing: Do read my last blog on How the future of domestic travel will look like:

Simply stated, Now It is time to travel the road less taken.

While international travels might be out of the picture for some time now, there are some places that you can visit without any worry as they remain less touched by the grip of the deadly pandemic so far. These selected places are basis my own experience and would love to help you plan for the same if wish too!!

1. Sangla Valley and chitkul (Himachal Pradesh)

This is one of the quietest places I have ever been, and should be first on your wishlist post corona pandemic.

Sangla Valley is located in the Kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. It is supposed to be one of the most beautiful valleys in the country. To get here, you must make their way to either Delhi or Chandigarh. From Delhi, Sangla Valley is more than 500 kms away. From Chandigarh, it is around 350kms. Whichever city you choose to make your way to Sangla, you will have to pass through Shimla. From Shimla it is another 6-8 hours away. Visit nearby places such as Chitkul which is usually called the last village of India, after which the Tibetan border begins.

Recommended for travellers from Delhi and around!!

2. Cherrapunji and Nongriat Village(Meghalaya)

Cherrapunji as most of us know is the wettest place on world, but it has a unique scenary around and a perfect place to spend time for a week or even a fortnight. Temperature is always soothing 12 months a year. Nongriat village is a ½ hr drive away from Cherrapunjee. From there it will take a relaxed 1.5 hr walk down to the Nongriat Village which has the only double decker living root bridge and has comfortable options to stay.

Recommended for Everyone. Nearest airport is Guwahati

3. Sikkim

Believe it or not, but there couldn’t be a better and more beautiful place to visit after this uncertain period than Sikkim. Truly a wondrous state, Sikkim is tucked away in the lap of the Himalayas and it will leave you in awe with its prismatic beauty and mesmeric charm. Its kaleidoscopic attractions – from lush forests, gurgling rivers and serene lakes to stunning Buddhist monasteries, national parks and exciting adventure activities – are sure to offer you the much-needed break from Corona.

Recommended for Everyone. Nearest airport is Bagdogra

4. Shrivardhan Beach (Maharashtra):

This beach is serene, flat, clean and overall very peaceful. It is around 10 hours drive from Mumbai and has lot of homestays options along with safe and secure hotels as well with minimal crowd and lot of food options!

Recommended for travellers from Mumbai and around

5. Munnar (Kerala)

One of the perfect hill-stations with minimum crowd and it's lush plantations. There's something very soothing and exotic about Munnar's terraces and plantations that you'd want to literally live here forever!. It's just the right place to head to and get cosy amidst the hilly zones, go for drives through meandering roads and breathe the fragranced tea. It is around 5-6 hours drive from Kochi.

Recommended for people living in Bangalore and around. Nearest Airport is Kochi

6. Rann of kutch (Gujarat)

The Rann of Kutch, a unique region in Gujarat, is one of the largest salt deserts in the world. This remarkable place with its surreal landscapes is a photographer’s delight, is a good destination for offbeat travel. Best time to visit here is from November to Feb and have a lot of option sto stay with Mud-huts and authentic Kutch food. It is around 10 hours drive from Ahmedabad.

You can also have a look at my blog about the place:

Recommeded for travellers on the western India with nearest airport being Ahmedabad.

7. Pondicherry (Finest Replacement of Goa)

Those who were planning to travel Goa and want to enjoy a beer along the seaside, then pondicherry is a perfect alternative. The French influence is still visible in the architecture, alleys as well as colonial villas and boutiques. It is around 4-5 hours from Chennai and can be a good option for either family or friends.

Recommended for everyone. Nearest airport is Chennai

8. Nagaland

Adventure in the hilly state of Nagaland will surely pours all your worries away with its charming beauty and well-preserved history and tradition. Nowhere else in the world you will get the experience same as this land of festivals so get ready for a deep jump into the rich culture of the Nagas and other native tribes. Whether its about exploring remnants of World War II in the state capital of Kohima or enjoying the state’s traditional villages, attractions, beautiful dance forms, landscapes, and the many gifts of nature.

Recommended for everyone. Nearest airport is Dimapur

In addition to these you can also visit, Leh-Ladakh and Andaman (Itineraries on my website) if you have a good budget.

I have visited all the places and would love to help with your trip and prepare curated itineraries for you. Do contact me at

DM@insta: @peakandtroughs

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